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Developing Organisational Resilience

Developing Organisational Resilience

Building your capacity to develop and maintain positive adjustments under challenging conditions. Working alongside your business management functions we will support the development of a sustainable programme which provides guidance on processes and the necessary tools for building resilience.

Gap Assessment

Empowering an understanding of areas of strength, weakness and the need for action.

Project Management

Implementation solutions designed to meet your organisations strategic and operational goals.

Personnel Placement

Selection and placement of the correctly qualified personnel in the right place within an appropriate time line.

Crisis Management

Assuring roles and the collective response during an emergency are outlined and understood.

Business Continuity

Developing a robust and supportable process for use before, during and after a disruptive incident.

Training and Exercises

Accurate and relevant objectives and content designed to validate your plans and the organisations capability.

Working as a Physical Enabler

Working as a Procedural Enabler

Working as a Societal Enabler

- Benchmarking through effective gap analysis and operational readiness review.

- Design and implementation of control measures to assure asset protection.

- Developing strategies, policies and procedures.

- Informing procedure design.

- Rehearsal and exercise plans and procedures.

- Improving awareness, ownership and stewardship of resources.

- Developing the ability to self-organise.

- Developing the capacity for learning and adaption.