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Our Business Principles

Our Business Principles

We believe in practising what we preach, our methodology balances recognised organisational process with a more pragmatic approach. Our underlying business principles are drawn from the established social theory frameworks which underpin resilient organisations.


We accept the need for structure that allows change where appropriate and therefore encourage adaptability. Our consultants have the freedom to support customers in the most efficient and practical manner to meet your particular operational requirements.


A high level of trust and mutual respect between our customers and our company is of paramount importance. Our consultants recognise our need to maintain a credible and professional profile within a highly competitive market.

Reality Sense:

Our company advances a self-image which is congruent with reality. This reality sense enables our consultants to process the information available objectively without embellishment or inappropriate filtering.


Our embedded consultants see themselves as being part customers organisation, but retain their own sense of identity and position of neutrality. They are neither isolated, nor lost in “groupthink”.


Open, clear, direct and frank communication is encouraged in all levels. Our consultants’ maturity and experience is reflected in their interpersonal skills and respect for cultural practices.


Our consultants operate within a strict moral code driven by the highest standards of self-discipline. The safety and confidentiality of our customers is foremost in our minds.